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Rooftop Solar Power To Be Installed By US Military

Why is Uncle Sam going solar? It can save BIG money. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a $344 million loan guarantee for the SolarStrong Project, which is expected to be a record expansion of residential rooftop solar power in the United States …
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Solar panel manufacturers rush to improve efficiency

The costs of solar panels are dropping quickly. The decline in solar prices is compelling manufacturers to find ways to cut costs and improve the amount of power solar cells can convert from sunlight …
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TV set-top boxes are BIG energy hogs

Worried about high utility costs? Your cable or satellite box may be to blame. And if your box is a digital video recorder, that’s even worse. The opposite of energy efficiency …
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New California incentive to improve energy efficiency, install solar systems

The new Energy Upgrade California incentive program was unveiled March 1. The program offers homeowners up to $4,000 to perform energy efficiency upgrades, including photovoltaic solar panels.
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