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Yosemite National Park goes solar

The vegetation at Yosemite National park has run on solar energy for millions of years. Humans are finally following nature’s example and using solar panels to power their facilities…
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New Car Stickers Include Electric Vehicle Ratings

The federal government announced new car window stickers for vehicles starting with the 2013 model year. The new stickers include electric vehicles, estimated annual fuel costs and the vehicle’s
overall environmental impact for driving 15,000 miles per year. There will be different labels for conventional vehicles, plug-in hybrids and …
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Helpful tips to save energy in your home

U.S. consumers collectively spend a whopping $241 billion on home energy use every year. This is done by everyday activities such as keeping the home comfortable, the lights on, the food cold, the clothes clean and the gadgets going. …
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Wyoming smog surpasses Los Angeles due to gas drilling

A shift towards clean solar energy would greatly reduce pollution in the air we breathe each day. Would you believe that Wyoming has a worse smog problem than Los Angeles? Believe it or not, because of a boom in natural gas drilling, the smog in Wyoming exceeds Los Angeles’.
Local ozone levels exceeded the peak levels recorded in the biggest U.S. cities last year. Residents living near the gas fields in the western part of the state are reporting watery eyes, shortness of breath and bloody noses.
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Coal power plants are a major source of toxic air pollutants

Solar power is a more affordable and environmentally friendly solution to the dirty coal that pollutes the air we breathe.
By March 16th, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to propose rules to address this pollution. Environmental and health care groups are advocating for strict limits on pollutants. On the other hand, the coal industry seeks more flexibility.
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