Study: Solar Panels reduce heating and cooling costs

Solar panels not only help you save significant money on electricity while helping the environment, they also can reduce heating and cooling costs of your home or business.
solar panels
A professor of environmental engineering at the University of California, San Diego, discovered through the use of thermal imaging that a building’s ceiling could be 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the daytime under solar panels than under an uncovered roof.

The solar panels basically act as roof shades. Normally, the sun beats down on the roof pushing the heat through and inside the ceiling. If solar panels are installed, they take the solar beating and shade the roof.

The study noted that the amount saved on cooling amounted to receiving a 5 percent discount on the solar panels’ price over its lifetime.

Researchers tested a building on the UCSD campus and found that panels reduced the amount of heat that made it into the building by roughly 38 percent.

There is no doubt that installing solar panels can substantially reduce the amount of energy used to cool a home or business.

The panels also help retain heat at night, which reduces heating costs in winter.


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