How to select the best solar energy company

It’s no secret that solar energy is becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners as an alternative source of energy. Due to the increased demand, many solar energy companies have sprung up ready to equip your home or business for solar power. How do you know which company is the best? Keep in mind that not all solar energy companies are efficient. We are here to offer some suggestions that will help you in your quest to find the right company.

Review the Services Offered

When it comes to the companies pricing, what kinds of services do they offer? Are they able to personalize their products to fit their client’s needs or do they simply offer one size fits all products?  Are they willing to handle the permits and paperwork for you? Price may be important, but the overall value is crucial. Although it may seem costly at first, a smart investment can lead to more savings in the future. Make sure the solar energy company you choose will offer you a product tailor made for your building to maximize your energy production and your savings.

Check Their Company Rating

It’s a wise move to investigate the company’s credentials carefully before hiring them. Also, it is advised to check their standing with multiple associations. Check their rating with the Better Business Bureau and see how the local Chamber of Commerce rated the company. Is the company listed with any organizations such as the American Solar Energy Society or the Solar Energy Industries Association?

Get References

Perhaps the most reliable test of a solar energy company is the reviews of their previous customers. Find others who have used the company and obtain references. Did the company do what it claimed to do? Were the customers happy with their service? How did the company resolve any issues that arose? While product quality and customer service are essential, so is the ability to address any issues that may have come up. Even with the best company, things can go wrong, but that doesn’t equate to bad service. A company is worth considering it they have proven to be capable of resolving unexpected problems.


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