Celebrate Your Energy Independence Day this July 4th with FREE electricity powered by the SUN!

Shop online and buy direct at SolarPanelsOnline.ORG.  SAVE 30% to 50% on everything solar and qualify for SOLAR TAX CREDITS to save even more!

– Solar Panels as low as $99
– Complete Solar Home Kits as low as $5,999 before rebates
– Solar Cabana for up to 4kW power, no roof required!
– Solar Water Heating Kits
– Solar Yard Lights and Lanterns
– Solar Attic Fans to lower your electric bill
– Solar Tube Skylights for free, natural lighting          
– Solar Radios, flashlights and camp lights
– Solar Chargers for cars, phones, laptops and more    
– Solar Gifts and Toys for kids of all ages

Shop online and BUY DIRECT at SolarPanelsOnline.ORG

Celebrate Energy Independence Day This July 4th!
SAVE 30% TO 50% on everything solar AND QUALIFY FOR TAX CREDITS!
Place your order by phone: 888-498-3331
or visit SolarPanelsOnline.ORG today!

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