Denver Solar Installers and Colorado Solar Rebate

Solar Installers in Denver and other Colorado cities can be found on FreeCleanSolar. We now offer information about solar installers in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Vail, and other Colorado cities.
The State of Coloroado offers the following rebate program:
The Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) is pleased to offer a Residential Solar Program to homeowners wishing to install a solar electric or solar domestic hot water system on their home. GEO has provided matching grants to select program partners with the goal of developing local solar electric and solar domestic hot water system rebate programs. Program partners take part in either the Solar Electric or Solar Domestic Hot Water program and, in some cases, both. Solar ElectricOnce energy efficiency has been optimized; grid-tied, net metered solar photovoltaic (PV) systems offer most households the option to further offset their electricity costs. Grid-tied PV systems allow the owner to send excess energy back into the grid and benefit the owner by mitigating the susceptibility to fluctuations in the price of electricity. In addition, distributed solar electric systems decrease the demand for electricity generated from centralized fossil fuel plants, which leads to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
The Solar Electric Program offers rebates of up to $6,000 per system ($3,000 from GEO and $3,000 from program partners) to qualified homeowners through their local partner.
Only residential, grid-tied, net metered systems are eligible.
Solar Electric Program participants will be required to demonstrate that a residential energy audit has been performed on the home prior to system installation.
The Solar Electric Program is not available in Investor-Owned Utility (Xcel Energy and Aquila Colorado) service territories.
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